Sweet Revenge Review

Sweet Revenge (A Curvy Girl Romance)
By: River Laurent


Great! Just Great! 
My boyfriend of two years dumps me for another woman on the eve of New Year’s Eve. 
And the reason? She weighs less than me. 
Thanks, James. Really. Thanks. 
But, I’m not sitting at home crying for your sorry ass. 
No, I’m going to re-build the confidence you systematically destroyed. 
And then I go and meet Ace, the hottest, sexiest man alive. 
Whoa! And it is sweet revenge all the way.

I had never before read a romance novel where the main draw was a curvy female lead. I myself am pretty curvy, I suppose (I mean, I'm not exactly thin. But I don't really give my body type a whole lot of thought), and was curious to see what authors make of characters with curvy body types. I was also curious to know why this is a draw for female readers. I guess I've never thought of it before but most, if not all, female leads in books are classed as thin or average. Honestly, I just assume that curvy is average these days. I mean, aren't all women at least a little curvy? Anyway, my curiosity was piqued so I caved and got the book. Seriously, FB is costing me a lot of money putting all these books I might like in my newsfeed. I just have no self restraint when it comes to books!

I'm going to start by telling you all that this is a shorter novel. So the author had a lot to fit in to the  pages, which is why some of the story felt quite rushed. I think that most of my reservations with this book came from it being so fast paced. Having the main character, Dawn, get dumped and literally leave her house right after and meet someone new didn't feel authentic to me at all. And why else would women read about a curvy female if not to give the book an authentic and relatable quality? 

I had hoped that this book would be uplifting and empowering being that it states in the synopsis that Dawn is looking to re-build her confidence and take back some of the power she felt she lost in her last relationship. I would have loved for the message in this book to be that no matter what your size or appearance no woman needs a man to feel good about herself or to give her confidence. Instead, it seems that Dawn's confidence is lent to her by Ace, the new man she meets after James dumps her. It takes Ace repeatedly telling her that she's sexy and beautiful before she begins to believe it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see women who know their worth being with men who empower them even more, but it's not all that uplifting to see a woman, who's confidence is shattered, only comfortable wearing clothes because a man tells her she looks sexy in them. I just didn't get the inspirational vibe that I had hoped to get. 

That being said, I loved both Ace and Dawn's characters. They're both nice, caring and humble people who really do deserve to find each other. And their love story is sweet. I do think a longer book and more drawn out situations would have done them more justice as a couple. But I lived for the scene in the supermarket when they run into James. All in all this was a cute story, but I don't think I will be seeking out any more curvy female leads, as all the emphasis put on her body type and her confidence took away from the story itself.

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