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Tempest (The Water Series #4) Review

Tempest (The Water Series #4)
By: Emory Gayle

Will they survive the rising… 
The Sight. The Shield. The Sword. The Brothers…will they be enough to bring down a Titan rule? 
Cora and Darrien are on a mission to get their siblings back. Devastated by the thought of what Bree and Tyde are facing, they take on the job of finding a way to end Oceanus and his plans to release the Titans. Their journey will lead them into the depths of Tartarus for the answers. But, Oceanus has his own plans and soon they find themselves face to face with a choice that will tear their hearts apart. Will they survive Oceanus's plot to release the Titans? Or will they become unwilling pawns in his grand scheme? 
Bree and Tyde have been kidnapped by Oceanus. Both with their own stories to tell of their time in Oceanus's lair, the two of them struggle to survive. Friendships will be forged in the most unlikely characters and powers, locked away from them, will break free. But, will that be enough to get out alive? 
Ana and Avery are left at Camp Crystal to watch over those with new powers and help them hone their skills. When Oceanus sets his sights on camp, they, along with Lena and Tinley, must defend their new home. Will their ragtag group be enough to stop Oceanus’s forces from killing them all, or have they fallen into a trap they can’t get out of? 
While their survival is uncertain, there is one thing that is for sure…there is a war coming. Only the very strongest will survive the rising. 
In this conclusion of the Water Series, readers will be taken on a rollercoaster like nothing before. Love, friendship, sacrifice, action, humor, mystery…it’s got it all.

Oh my goodness, this book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading it. It's so full of action, everyone has their own story line and all three sisters as well as Darrien and Tyde get their stories told from their own points of view, so there is a lot of jumping around but it's never convoluted and always easy to understand what's going on and with whom. 

I loved the fact that all three sisters had their own journeys and that none of the journeys were any more or less significant than the others. Each sister had a purpose that they had to fulfill and grow from and I felt they were all very well written. Bree, in particular, had taken a backseat for the most part up until this book and suddenly she's come into her own and I loved that the focus wasn't solely on Ana and Cora anymore. 

I think the only thing I wasn't a huge fan of in this book was the end prophecy that dictated the power of the sisters and the brothers. It felt a little too cheesy for me. I think it would have added more to the book to have only been about the sisters and have Darrien and his brother Tyde become an extra unanticipated power  in the final battle against the Titans. 

All in all this was a great book to end the series with and I was impressed with how many story lines and added characters the author threw in and then kept up with throughout the book. Nothing went unsolved or got dropped, every plot line that the author started she completed and it all added so much value to the final battle and the aftermath of it. I especially loved the Epilogue. It was the emotional reunion that I had been waiting for since we found out Ana was actually still alive. 

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