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Siren (The Water Series #3) Review

Siren (The Water Series #3)
By: Emory Gayle

She's not what she seems... 

Ana has awoken in Cora's body. Bound and determined to destroy all that Cora as built at camp, she sets her eyes on Cora's relationships and slowly starts dismantling them. First to go...Darrien. But, something throws a wrench into her plans, something more dangerous than any foe she has ever faced off against. 

Will it be Ana's undoing...or her savior? 

Cora wakes in Ana's body deep in the ocean and in the company of the two Sirens that rescued her from Midira: Lena and Tinley. In their fight to get to Titus Prime, they encounter a deadly foe who is bound to clear the path for Oceanus; and that means taking out the girl he's become obsessed with...Cora. Cora's powers are strengthening, but will she be strong enough to save herself and her friends from one of the most powerful beings on earth?

Mer ended in a cliff hanger so I ended up staying up way past my bedtime last night to read this book because I needed to know what happened to Cora. 

I was initially surprised by Ana's instant reaction to being stuck in Cora's body, which was to ruin Cora's life with whatever means she could. I had thought she was trying to redeem herself with the help she gave Darrien at the end of Mer. Clearly I was wrong. Honestly, I was disappointed that Ana's thought process to ruining Cora's life was to ruin her relationship with Darrien and begin one with Avery. I understand that these books are geared to Young Adults, but even then the idea seemed pretty juvenile. It seemed like such tactics would be beneath a siren of Ana's background and knowledge. 

I was all about Cora's journey in Ana's body. I would speed through Ana's chapters to get to Cora's because her journey with her siren friends to get to her father's kingdom was compelling. As Cora is stuck in Ana's siren body she knows she she is public enemy number one to the mer people and as such she and her friends are doing everything they can to stay hidden and fight off the enemies that are looking to bring them back to Oceanus and Midira. We get to see her forge new and strong friendships with her companions, as well as the nixies that find them. Cora deals with a pretty formidable opponent in Amphitrite, Poseidon's wronged and vengeful wife and comes out of it stronger than ever. 

I was excited to see the God's and Titan's take on a bigger role in this book with more of their lore coming to light and actually seeing the main characters coming into contact with a God and Titan themselves. I admit I'm always confused as to why most lore paints the picture of the God's with a very diminished power and this story was no different but the depth of the new powers that some of the characters are exposed to was enough that it over-shadowed my confusion and left a bigger impression on me. 

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