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Mer (The Water series #2) Review

Mer (The Water Series #2)
By: Emory Gayle

A sleeping Titan has woken and with him a battle as old as the ages begins. As he gathers powers to him, Cora and Darrien are plunged into new worlds that threaten to destroy the people they love… 

Cora Reed just found out that she is part Mer, part Siren, and is supposed to be the next in line for the throne of an underwater kingdom. If that wasn’t enough to grapple with, she is forced to come to grips with a betrothal to a man she doesn’t love, Mer and Siren powers awakening in her that she can’t control, and a connection with her sister Ana that opens a window to the world of the Sirens and a danger beyond Cora’s wildest nightmares. Will Cora find the strength to stand against those that seek to destroy her and her loved ones? Will her love for Darrien survive it? 

Darrien Locke is ready to sacrifice everything for the woman that he loves and help her on her journey to the throne. But, his plans take a hit, when he is sent back to Titus Prime to get to the bottom of another assassination attack against Zale, Cora’s father. With his brother Tyde, he seeks to find whoever is behind the attacks. When their search unearths a family secret, that shakes the foundation of who they are and where they come from, Darrien’s plans must change. With more at risk than ever, what will Darrien do to keep those he loves safe?

After reading Water, I was dying to read this book. I downloaded the Kindle app immediately on my Kobo, because none of the rest of the books in The Water Series were available on Kobo, and devoured this book within a couple hours. That's right, I cheated on Kobo for Emory Gayle's Water series. And I don't even feel bad. Really Kobo, get your shit together! Who the hell has the first of a four book series available, and none of the rest? It was bizarre. I had been looking at getting Kindle for awhile anyway, but thought I would have to get a whole new ereader, I had no idea I could download the Kindle app on my Kobo. In the end it all worked out, because I really love my Kobo and my extensive Kobo library and didn't want to lose either of them. Ok, rant over now.

Mer picked up right where Water left off, no jump ahead's where I'm grappling to figure out what I had missed, it was almost seamless to pick up the second book and continue on with the story. After all the truth bombs in the first book and all the knowledge the reader is armed with from reading both Cora's point of view and Darrien's I was anxious for Cora to be reunited with her dad and learn more about her powers. I was a little disappointed with the slow pace of the first few chapters of the book and wasn't as into it as I was with Water, until Darrien went to Titus Prime and saw the state of King Zale and how the kingdom is being run. Then I was all in. 

So much happens both in water and on land that I was grateful for the short chapters and quick changes of POV. It felt like I was trying to watch two TV shows at once and didn't know which one to focus on because they were both so good. Cora's character is finally starting to grow and come into her powers and her personality takes on a subtle change as she becomes more assertive and outspoken. She is displaying more leadership tendencies and making more well thought out decisions on behalf of herself and her friends. Cora learns that her sister Ana may still be alive, but as a siren, the enemy of the mer people and she struggles with what that means and how Ana's personality may have changed from being raised as a siren for so long.

While I didn't get as much from this book as I did from the first I still enjoyed it overall and found it essential to the overall series. The reader gets introduced to some new characters, such as Darrien's brother Tyde, and more insight into powers such as that of a Clare, which I admit I had not heard of in those terms. I probably didn't take to Mer as much as I did Water because there was less of Cora and Darrien together, while they did establish their relationship with their friends, and found out that Cora is actually betrothed to someone else there was still a disconnect between the characters when they are separated and I did not like the betrothal contractual draw between Cora and Avery. It didn't feel authentic.

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