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Fury Focused (Of Fates and Furies #2) Review

Fury Focused (Of Fates and Furies #2)
By: Melissa Haag

Life in Uttira isn't easy for Megan. Knowing what she is hasn't helped her control her temper, an unfortunate personality trait that might just keep her from graduating. Her mood swings don't bother her as much as the weird side effects that come with them. When things start to go up in flames around her, she knows she needs help controlling her abilities. But, the only person with the answers abandoned Megan in Uttira months ago. 

Megan knows she must find her mother in the real world. However, the only way out of the magical barrier surrounding Uttira is with the mark of Mantirum. A mark she will only receive if she can manage to graduate from Girderon Academy. In order to start her search, Megan needs to learn to control her temper… or die trying.

Ok, so if you've read my review of Fury Frayed you know that I loved it. I think when you love a book as much as I loved the first of the Fates and Furies series it's impossible to dislike the second book, even if it doesn't add up to the first (and as I've said in a previous blog, the sequels are never as good as the original). I will admit that I cannot brand this book with my usual 'sequel let-down' title, because although it may not have captivated me quite as much as the first one did, it was still a damn good book.

Megan's character has finally decided to date Oanen (swoon!!) and I am totally here for it! Megan is pretty reluctant to date because her anger issues have destroyed past relationships and she's never understood why. Now that she knows what she is Oanen thinks that she will have a better handle on her emotions and while Megan doesn't think it will be that easy she likes Oanen enough to try. We all know how much I love love, so watching their relationship grow and finding out about Griffin mating patterns was the apex of the book for me.

Of course there is conflict thrown in, otherwise people who aren't me would be dead bored. Megan assumes more responsibility within the community's board and tries to help the human population within the city so that they are more a part of the city's society. They are typically treated as second rate citizens by all the creatures that live in Uttira and Megan desperately wants to change that. 

Megan also still struggles with who she is. It turns out that for her, knowing what she is, really didn't help her at all as she still has no idea how to control her powers or even what they fully are. They continue to develop at an alarming rate causing her to hurt other people (Oanen included) and she feels so lost and alone, not having any control over her powers or herself. She desperately wants to get out of the city and find her mom and demand answers about their family and their abilities in the hopes that she could better control her emotions thus controlling her power.

The book ended in a new adventure for Megan and Oanen, one that has them leaving Uttira and I am really excited to see what Melissa Haag has in store next for these characters.

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