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Shattered Love Review

Shattered Love (#1 in the Blinded Love Series)
By: Stacey Marie Brown

Everyone has a story about a broken heart, but Jaymerson’s heart wasn’t just broken. It was completely shattered…

Along with her body and mind.

Jaymerson Holloway had it all—until one moment. One bad decision. A split second and her life was altered forever. Faced with unimaginable grief and guilt, while learning to simply walk again, Jaymerson realizes she will never be the same. Everyone wants her to get back to who she was before. But nothing of her old life feels real to her anymore. 

The only one who understands what she is going through is someone who has always been cruel to her and someone she hated. The other survivor. 

Hunter Harris is totally off-limits and full of secrets.

Though each blame the other, they are the only ones to help start to repair their shattered lives.

But as the undeniable pull between them intensifies, she starts to wonder if she will ever learn the secrets he’s been hiding—or if she even wants to.

I was lucky enough to score this book on a one day sale on Bookbub. I have read almost all of Stacey Marie Brown's previous books, and they're all YA fantasy, and I adore them; so I have to admit I was nervous to read this book. I have loved other authors work until they step out of their comfort zone into something new and it just doesn't suit their writing style. I had more faith than that in Stacey and I knew I would like this book, I did not think I would love it as much as I do though. You really have to respect an author who writes a genre so well it's like it was made for them, then they dip their toes into another genre and they end up dominating it with their amazing writing, as well. It really makes you wonder, is there anything Stacey Marie Brown can't write? At this point I'd even be willing to give her grocery list a peruse.

Almost as soon as I began reading Shattered Love I was hooked. So much so that by the time I got to chapter 5 I had already sobbed my way through half a box of tissues, and it was only the beginning. I swear this particular author has this way of writing her characters into real life, to the point where the character and I almost become a single entity and I start feeling everything that Stacey describes the MC as feeling. I felt every hurt, happiness, and disappointment that Jaymerson went through. And it was empowering, because that girl went through some crazy and heartbreaking stuff and became stronger in spite of it.

This is definitely a heavier book than I am used to, having been more into fantasy lately. Shattered Love deals with some pretty real life situations which makes it that much harder to read. The empowerment I felt came from Jayme's ability to live through loss, ostracism, persecution, and coming into her own as she discovers who she really is and what she wants to do with her life, as well as how to move on from the hands that life deals her. It was refreshing to read about a teen/young adult dealing with issues but still having her family to lean on. It felt very realistic that she didn't completely pull away from her family unit as she struggled to come to terms with who she was expected to be as opposed to who she wanted to become. I was also grateful that although Jayme had issue with her own feelings and how inappropriate they may be, but Stacey didn't dwell on that aspect of the book. Jayme recognized how she felt about Hunter, recognized how the rest of the world would likely feel about it and worked to come to terms with what to do about it. There were no long, drawn out, teen-angsty scenes where the reader is dead bored of the feeling overload and ceases caring about it. 

The end of this book was brilliant. There was literally nothing about it that I didn't love. And I am eagerly awaiting the next installment of this the meantime though Stacey, how about that grocery list?

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