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Fury Frayed (Of Fates and Furies #1) Review

Fury Frayed (Of Fates and Furies #1)
By: Melissa Haag

Megan’s temper lands her in Girderon Academy, an exclusive school founded in a town of misfit supernatural creatures. It’s the one place she should be able to fit in, but she can’t. Instead, she itches to punch the smug sheriff in his face, pull the hair from a pack of territorial blondes, and kiss the smile off the shy boy’s face. Unfortunately, she can’t do any of that, either, because humans are dying and all clues point to her.

With Megan’s temper flaring, time to find the real killer and clear her name is running out. As much as she wants to return to her own life, she needs to embrace who and what she is. It’s the only way to find and punish the creature responsible.

Have I told you how much I love a good book recommendation? I'm pretty sure I have, but let me just reiterate - I LOVE a good book recommendation!! I happened across this one on a FB group I am in dedicated to a specific indie author I adore. She actually promote…

22 Scars Review

22 Scars
By: C.M. North

Raised with apathy and spite, Amy’s life is a monotonous drone of deep despair, broken only by coffee and nights out with her best—and only—friend. She battles depression daily, fighting to keep her sanity in a world that, to her, is set on destroying her soul.

Her future is bleak, overcast with shadow and doubt; her past harbors terrible secrets that even those closest to her couldn’t begin to guess. When tragedy strikes someone she holds dear, will she succumb to the crushing weight of despair, or will she find the strength to fight—to live?

22 Scars is a story of what it takes to live daily with depression - and how the scars of a lifetime can pass through generations and beyond.

Can the past ever truly be forgotten?

Can depression ever be beat?


I received a copy of this book from Voraciousreaders in exchange for an honest review.

I was so excited to read this book. I've been so entrenched in the fantasy genre lately that I was looking for a fresh…