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Fated (Relentless #6) Review

Fated (Relentless #6)
By: Karen Lynch

Christian Kent has many labels – warrior, protector, friend, lover – but the one label he never wanted was mate. In his lifetime, the only girl he has ever loved, was the one he couldn’t have. He left her to protect her heart, but his own will always belong to her.

As a girl, the one person she believed would never hurt her broke her heart. Now a warrior, she’s loving life and living for the next adventure. She’s put the past behind her, including the man who walked out of her life.

Fate brought them together once, and it’s not done with them yet. When they are suddenly thrown together to battle a lethal new foe, sparks fly and old feelings resurface. Chris will have to work hard to heal the rift between them. But will she be able to let go of the old heartbreak and open her heart to him again? Can they come together before the threat they are facing tears them apart forever?

The anticipation I had while waiting for this book to be released (it was released yesterday!) almost killed me. I so badly wanted to stay in the Relentless world that I reread the first five books more times than I care to admit and joined a few Relentless/Karen Lynch FB groups to satisfy myself with their Fated theories and discussions. I have to say doing so may have been a misstep for me. I was so caught up in all of the 'release day' hype and every group member's excited posts about how they had gotten their books and how "amazing" it was and how they absolutely loved it. Literally, so many posts from different people about how great this book is had me thinking non-stop about how I could not wait until it was released in Canada. Unfortunately for me I had to work on release day, but I get off fairly early and finished this book the same night I began it.

I have always loved Chris's character. I love how fearlessly he teases Nikolas all through the Relentless trilogy about his bond with Sara, I love how he knows how attractive he is and flirts shamelessly with every female he comes into contact with and I love how he's always fiercely protective of people he cares about. That said, I began this book with expectations of how Chris would behave and react based on the previous novels, and was a little let down when his personality didn't shine through in this book as it had in the others. I fully understand how the bond affects/changes Mohiri males, and that Chris was fully focused on Beth throughout the book, but I felt that he had become someone completely different. He was far less playful, teasing and generally fun. I don't think he teased anyone but Beth during this book which is completely out of character for him.

I liked Beth's character. She's very much like Jordan, just less intense. It was nice to see another Mohiri female in her ass-kicking glory. She also brought with her a new dynamic to the story since she had grown up Mohiri as opposed to Sara who was new to all of it. We got a glimpse at what her upbringing was like as well as the decision's she got to make for herself and her life after she graduated from the institute. The only reservation I had in regards to her character is how emotionally weak she came across. I felt that she held a grudge against Chris for far too long taking it to unreasonable lengths at certain points. 

I think my favorite component of this book was the villain. It was so refreshing to read about someone/something new and intimidating. It was fun to watch the conflict begin relatively small and then become something so large it spanned beyond the city's reach. Karen gave us little hints throughout the book to help us piece the puzzle together before the finale, and while I had already figured out who the villain was it didn't stop my surprise when I realized that I was only partially right. I also really enjoyed reading the fight scenes between the villains and anyone who was in their way. I think my favorite, though we only got to see a glimpse of it, was the Blue Nyx scene. It also lent the Blue Nyx characters some humanity, for lack of a better word. It's always nice to see even the smallest of characters show us a little of who they are.

Of course, the bonus scene given to us by Karen was such a treat. I will be honest when I say that I was happy with the way she ended Sara and Nikolas' story. The odd peek at their life in Haven and Fated only cemented the fact that they are happy; the rest I can make up in my imagination. But to get an official update (and from Nikolas's POV!) on their well-being by the author was extremely satisfying. Again, I am good if Karen decides not to write anymore about Nikolas and Sara centrally. I am happy for them to appear in the background of other characters stories (please Karen, give us a Jordan story!!). I am content in the knowledge that Nikolas and Sara have their happily ever after. 

Again, I want to reiterate that I did like this book. I didn't love it as I did with the first ones, but I will never say that it disappointed me either. I absolutely plan on buying the hard copy version, hopefully signed to go with the rest of my set, and rereading it multiple times down the road. I just wish Chris's character had a little more flavor. 

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