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Dirty Together Review

Dirty Together (Dirty Billionaire, #3)
By: Meghan March

My wife. 

I love saying those words.

She’s mine, and if she thinks I’m going to let her run without tracking her down and bringing her back to where she belongs—with me—then she’s about to be introduced to a new reality.

Because I’ll fight dirty to give her the happily ever after she deserves.

Again this novel picks up where the second one left off with Creighton going to find Holly. The first few chapters of this book bored me because it was predictable and didn't add much to the overall story. I started to feel the book later when Holly and Creighton finally confess to loving each other and trying to make their marriage work, regardless of their differences or the unconventional beginning they had to their relationship. 

The author really tugged at our heartstrings in this book with Holly's mom coming back into her life and trying to make money by screwing Holly and Creighton over. The writing was so well done with it that I f…

Dirty Pleasures Review

Dirty Pleasures (Dirty Billionaire #2)
By: Meghan March

I did it. I married a billionaire.

My reasons are my own, but the last thing I expected was to feel owned.
I may have taken vows, but I’m still determined to be me.
Now his rules are taking over my world, but I’m not the kind of girl to just obey.
There’s only one problem: I might actually be falling for him…
I have no idea how this marriage is going to go, but holding onto a piece of myself while succumbing to his dirty pleasures is shaping up to be the ride of a lifetime.

This book focused more on the plot than the sex scenes unlike the first installment. It picked up right where the first one left off with Holly taking off and leaving Creighton, so we get to see his reaction to her leaving him first hand. It was very satisfying. He fights hard to find her and get to her as quickly as he can and then when they talk about their issues and what they want for each other it's a very sweet moment. Holly was confused by Creighton's a…

Dirty Billionaire Review

Dirty Billionaire (Dirty Billionaire Trilogy, #1)
By: Meghan March

I've got a big dick and an even bigger bank account. That's pretty much where my bio ends. Honestly, I don't need to say anything else. I've just sold 99% of women on going home with me. 
Do I sound like an asshole to you?
That's because I am.
And guess what? It works for me just fine. 
Or at least it did.
Until I met her.
Books talk about sparks flying. Fuck that shit. With her, it was like emergency flares mixed with jet fuel. Or maybe just straight up napalm. 
Only one problem. 
She didn't leave her name or number when she disappeared from the hotel room after the hottest fucking night of my life. Now I've had a taste of unicorn pussy—the sweetest, rarest of all pussy—and I need it again.
So what's an asshole to do?
I took this problem to the street. A missed connection gone viral.
And when I find her? I'm keeping her.

I don't know what it is lately but I've been obsessed with the free …

The Dom who loved me Review

The Dom who loved me (Masters & Mercenaries #1)
By: Lexi Blake

A routine mission…

Sean Taggart is hunting a deadly terrorist, and his only lead is the lovely Grace Hawthorne. She's the executive assistant for an employment agency Sean suspects is a front for illegal activities. To get the truth, he is going to have to get very close to Grace, a task he is all too eager to undertake when he discovers her deliciously submissive nature.

…turns into a dangerous seduction.

Soon, Grace Hawthorne is living a double life. By day, she is the widowed mother of two college-aged sons. By night, she submits to Sean's every dark desire. She's living out her wildest fantasies of pleasure—intimate acts of trust she's only read about. As passion engulfs her, a murderer strikes, and Grace learns that Sean has a deeply hidden agenda. Will Sean choose his mission and break her heart or be the Master of her dreams?

Have you ever noticed that erotic novels always seem to be chock full of stea…

Nightwalker (Stormwalker, #4) Review

Nightwalker (Stormwalker, #4)
By: Allyson James

Stormwalker Janet Begay, proprietor of the Crossroads Hotel, a place where the paranormal stop for a safe night’s rest, discovers the hard way that a slayer is targeting Ansel, a Nightwalker who’s become the hotel's more-or-less permanent resident.

When Janet and her lover Mick intervene to save Ansel’s un-life, they find that the attack is the beginning of an oncoming storm. Janet has her hands full already with the upcoming marriage of her father, the return of a woman who claims to be Coyote’s wife, her crazy half-sister, a couple dragons on her back, and her worry about Mick, who’s behaving strangely again.

But it seems that everyone is after Ansel, who fears he killed the woman he loves in a Nightwalker frenzy. Janet must choose between protecting Ansel, or facing the most powerful magical beings in the world, who are willing to destroy Janet, Mick, her hotel, and everyone she cares about to get to Ansel and his secrets.

This book wa…

Not so Fragile Review

Not so Fragile
By: Maq Lancaster
Letting people in is a daunting task for Valerie Morrison, and probably always will be. Confrontations are just never on her side, and she has enough scars—both physical and emotional—to prove it. That's why she chooses to avoid people whenever possible. Now studying at a university not too far from home, Val's plan is simple: keep her head low. Should be easy...

Except it isn't.

Because there's this guy named Louis (Lou for short) who is as kind as he is beautiful. Somehow, he looks beyond her walls and reaches in... and has other plans of just letting her be.

Here's the problem: Val doesn't do relationships, and she isn't planning on getting into one anytime soon, regardless of how tempting it may seem. At the end of the day, getting involved with Lou in any way can't be worth it... Right?

*NOTE: This 74,000+ word standalone novel deals with a sensitive subject matter.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest …

Rogue Review (Relentless #3)

Rogue (Relentless #3)
By: Karen Lynch

Sara Grey is done hiding and done being afraid. The Master thinks he has her running scared, but she’s taking matters into her own hands and taking her life back. With the help of her friends, she sets out to find the one person who can answer her questions about her past, and who may be able to lead them to the Master.

On her journey, Sara faces new challenges and dangers, and learns that the world of good and evil is not as clear cut as she had believed. She makes new friends, unexpected allies, and reconnects with people from her past. As her powers continue to change and grow, she transforms from a struggling girl into a strong young warrior.

But at what cost? How much is Sara willing to sacrifice in her need for independence and her quest for the truth? And will her newfound strength be enough to save her and the people she loves when she finally comes face-to-face with her powerful nemesis? Nothing could have prepared her for what is to come, an…

Taking the Reins Review (The Rosewood's #1)

Taking the Reins (The Rosewood's #1)
By: Katrina Abbott

Brooklyn Prescott (if that’s even her real name) is the new girl at The Rosewood Academy for Academic Excellence, now that she’s moved back to the States after two years living in London. Rosewood, a boarding school for children of the rich and famous and known for its celebutantes, is missing just one element important to any junior’s education: boys. But luckily for Brooklyn, and the rest of the Rosewood girls, there’s a boys’ boarding school, The Westwood Academy, just a few miles away. 

On her very first day, Brooklyn meets Will, a gorgeous and flirty boy on campus to help with move in. But is he who she thinks he is? And what about Brady, the cute stable boy? Or Jared, the former child actor with his grown-up good looks who can always make her laugh? As Brooklyn settles in at Rosewood, she’s faced with new friends, new challenges and new opportunities to make herself into the girl she always wanted to be. Whoever that might…

Warrior Review (Relentless #4)

Warrior (A Relentless Novel)
By: Karen Lynch

The warrior has finally met his match.

Nikolas Danshov is the Mohiri’s finest warrior, fearless and lethal with any weapon. For almost two hundred years, he has devoted his life to keeping humans safe from the demons that walk the earth. Revered by his people, he is a legend in his own time, a warrior undefeated in battle, and prepared for anything. Until her.

On a routine job in Maine, a twist of fate brings Nikolas face-to-face with the one person he had never expected to meet – his mate. Sara Grey is unlike anyone he’s ever met. Beautiful and fiery, she ignites his desire, while her innocence and vulnerability awaken a fierce protectiveness in him. Now all he can think of is keeping his mate safe from the dangers that hunt her, even if she fights him at every turn.

You know Sara’s story. Now read it again, through the eyes of her warrior.

I LOVE when author's do this! Writing the same story from the point of view of the other main characte…

Refuge Review (Relentless #2)

Refuge (Relentless #2)
By: Karen Lynch

To keep the people she loved safe, Sara left everything she knew behind. She soon learns this new world is nothing like her old one, and she struggles to make a place for herself among the Mohiri. But it soon becomes apparent to Sara and to everyone one around her that she is not your typical warrior.

As the weeks pass, Sara builds new relationships, copes with her new trainers, and tries to manage her ever-changing powers, while keeping her unique heritage a secret. Looming in the background is the constant shadow of the Master who will do anything to find her.

Sara finds herself on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers her true strengths and awakens a part of her she never knew existed. She experiences the delight of new friendships, the sweetness and pain of first love, and a loss so deep it could be the thing that finally breaks her. At the end of it all, she discovers that the one place she was supposed to be safe might not be the refuge she…

Relentless Review

By: Karen Lynch

Sara Grey’s world shattered ten years ago when her father was brutally murdered. Now at seventeen, she is still haunted by memories of that day and driven by the need to understand why it happened. She lives a life full of secrets and her family and friends have no idea of the supernatural world she is immersed in or of Sara’s own very powerful gift.

In her quest for answers about her father’s death, Sara takes risks that expose her and her friends to danger and puts herself into the sights of a sadistic vampire. On the same fateful night she meets Nikolas, a warrior who turns Sara’s world upside down and is determined to protect her even if it’s the last thing she wants.

Sara’s life starts to spin out of control as she is hunted by an obsessed vampire, learns that her friends have secrets of their own and reels from the truth about her own ancestry. Sara has always been fiercely independent but in order to survive now she must open herself to others, to reveal …

Battle Schooled! Review

Battle Schooled! (Chronicles of the Floating Continent #3)
By: Billy Wong

Rousing fantasy adventure with a few butt-kicking heroines.

Rupert, a young loner with a dark history, is sent by his parents to the University of Ostuh in hopes of him learning to be less withdrawn. He continues to avoid social contact until an extraordinary encounter with Meg and Patrick, famed monster hunters turned students. Making new friends for the first time in years, he and the duo navigate school life alongside other standouts such as warrior noble Charlene Lyonesse and Peggy "PP" Petunia, a tiny pigtailed girl with a big secret. When a series of brutal murders rocks the university, the students must come together to stop the deadly threat.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Usually I'm a one-book-at-a-time kinda girl, but the book that I am currently reading isn't doing much to keep my attention and I happened to see the intriguing cover for Battle Schooled o…

Guilty Pleasures Blog

I was scrolling through my Facebook homepage the other day and came across a post from Goodreads about guilty pleasure reading, and at the end of the post they threw in a question asking their readers what guilty pleasure books they enjoy. I scrolled through some of the comments and read what other people's guilty pleasures are. I always enjoy seeing other's opinions on books and have taken some great recommendations from these types of posts. However, I very rarely participate in these types of comment threads. Books are very open to interpretation and opinion and no two people's views are the same. So, while I enjoy reading and reviewing I do not enjoy feeling as though I have to justify my opinion to others about my likes and dislikes of books. 

I'm not going to lie, a lot of my guilty pleasure's are also at the top of a lot of people's 'worst books' lists. And that's ok. I am well aware that a large majority of readers hate the Twilight books, bu…

This is Where it Ends Review

This is Where it Ends
By: Marieke Nijkamp

10:00 a.m. The principal of Opportunity High School finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve.

10:02 a.m. The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class.

10:03 a.m. The auditorium doors won't open.

10:05 a.m. Someone starts shooting.

Told from four different perspectives over the span of fifty-four harrowing minutes, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.

For the first time in what feels like forever, although realistically is probably only a few months, I wandered into my local bookstore - Manticore Books- and perused the Young Adult section looking for something new to read that I'd never heard of before. I passed up the all Sarah J Maas' that I've been impatiently waiting to add to my collection in favour of This is Where it Ends. There was no price on this specific book so I had to ask the…