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Spitfire Review

By: Suleiman Ocheni

Ivy thought being forced to marry a genocidal dictator as a teenager was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to her… however, she was wrong.

Years later, with the whole country calling for her head, she faces life imprisonment or even execution after her husband is assassinated and all evidence left behind points to her.

Handsome, young and charismatic, detective Rylan Leven is the only person willing to come to her aid. Although he has been tasked with the job of bringing her to justice, his confidence in her virtue is the foundation of the love story that unfolds between them. Their journey to restore the freedom that was stolen from Ivy is one fraught with many challenges, but one they know they must embark on.

Will Ivy be punished for trying to get herself out of a toxic marriage or will she succeed despite facing innumerable obstacles?

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The book started with a bang, as the readers are plunged straight into the aftermath of the King's murder. The first chapter was enticing and exciting. It gave a bit of back story about the type of person the King was and the perception of the type of person that Ivy was. Both seemed to be very interesting characters. It was, in my opinion, the best chapter in the whole book. It's from that point on that the story and plot line take a back seat to the romance in the story.

From the second chapter the book wasn't able to hold my interest and I found my thoughts wandering whilst I was reading to what I would make for dinner or trying to remember if I had switched the laundry over. I think the most disappointing part of the book for me, was Ivy's character. The author did an excellent job of building her character up, exhibiting her stubbornness and her sense of humour but also making her empathetic to those around her. She seemed like she was about to become a heroine of the story; a strong female character who is proud and very self aware. Unfortunately, her personality was completely warped by the romance aspect of the novel and she became weak and dominated by her feelings for Rylan. Their romance went from non-existent to head over heels so quickly I was thrown off balance by it. Throughout their whirlwind romance Ivy completely lets her guard down (very quickly for someone so strong willed) and gets her heart broken by Ryland more than once. But after a quick apology on his part she gets over it and moves on. Again, she seemed to be such a strong character and then just bends to Ryland's will. It's mind boggling. 

Ryland's character was pretty typical. The only thing intriguing about him is his looks. He's a wealthy cop who pays an obscene amount of money to get Ivy out of jail for no other reason than he thought she was innocent and she's attractive. But he treats her very poorly and makes it clear that he has no trust in her. He goes back and forth on how he feels about her, and everything he does it so dramatic and over the top, it just makes his character unlikable and disengaged. 

Although the plot line was pushed to the background I enjoyed the concept of it. I like the whodunit prospect of the king's murderer and wished the author had spent more time on the list of possible suspects and the murder investigation itself. I was exultant when I found out who the real murderer was. It was a fantastic twist that I had been hoping for. And it added a bit of excitement to the ending, as the romance between Ivy and Rylan had been doomed to be a happy ending from the beginning. 

Overall the book's focus on the relationship between Ivy and Rylan made the majority of it a dull read, but the conflict in between that kept things interesting and kept me reading until the end. 

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