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In the Strictest Confidence Review

In the Strictest Confidence (A Frankie Wilson Mystery, #1)
By: K. Britt-Badman

Your secrets are safe with her, but some secrets are deadly.

Counsellor Francesca 'Frankie' Wilson, divorced mother of two, lands her dream job at ASF Technologies. Is she as lucky as she seems? From the very first day things start happening to her — bad things! Who is responsible and why? Could it be one of her clients?

Stephen Lime, who appears to hate women, and is keeping a secret.

Isabelle Toms, a profoundly deaf tester, who feels lonely and isolated, within an organisation where no one else can use sign language.

Verity Froom, who dresses like a woman far beyond her years, suffers from ill health, but who refuses to visit a doctor.

David Shaw, who's young and handsome, but who has just lost his wife to a hit and run driver, and is devastated by grief.

Or is someone else responsible?

I received this Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Let me begin by confessing that I love British dialect. I have no idea why, but I am partial to words like 'shops' instead of stores, 'lift' instead of elevator, 'oi' instead of hey, and 'flat' instead of apartment (it may have something to do with my Harry Potter obsession). As silly as it sounds, it just gives the book an exotic feel to me. So the fact that this novel had that type of jargon was already a win for me. Add to that the non-stop mystery of who was terrorizing Frankie and here was a novel that I did not want to put down.

Reading this novel was a little bit like watching Pretty Little Liars to me; everyone was a suspect and my mind was constantly changing about who the vandal was. My main suspects were Stephen Lime's mother, Verity Froom's husband and David Shaw. Throughout the novel each one of the characters seemed to have motive and I could never pinpoint who exactly I thought it was. Funnily enough only one of the characters was actually in the book. Two of them were only talked about, never actually introduced. Needless to say, the end was a twist for me and made me love the book even more. 

The primary draw of the book to me was the main character, Frankie. Reading about her life, her childhood, her family, her home and her children actually gave me a sense of calm. Her character is genuinely likeable and good. She is always trying to do the right thing in every situation and is very honest to everyone in her life. I admired her courage and perseverance in furthering her schooling, even while trying to keep her marriage on track and keep her children happy. The accomplishment of actually landing her dream job and meeting her goals gives the reader the feeling of optimism and ambition. Because of Frankie's winning personality and charisma I found myself feeling what she was feeling as I read the book. When she was sad, I felt her sadness. When she was angry, I felt her anger. When she was scared, I felt her fear. Which is always what I want when I read a novel; to become so engrossed in the book that it almost becomes a part of me for a time.

Frankie's clients were a very interesting addition to the book, as their characters were all complex and confounding. In every one of her counselling sessions I was always trying to guess, along with Frankie, as to what their underlying issues may be, and what the truth was that they weren't telling her. I found myself looking forward to the once a week sessions with her client's just to see how much deeper Frankie would dig and what new information she would uncover about them. My favorite of them was Stephen Lime. His character was so bizarre to me and until the very last session I really couldn't form a solid opinion of him that stuck.

This has been, thus far, my favorite advanced reading copy to date. And I fully plan to buy the book once it's released and give it a home on my bookshelf. I anticipate In the Strictest Confidence becoming one of my favorite books to reread on lazy afternoons.

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