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A Second Chance at Love Review

A Second Chance at Love
By: Kassandra Lynn

True love doesn’t exist. Forever belongs in a storybook.

Empress Ursila Ufran ran away with Royal Healer Draven for love. What she found was regret and heartbreak. Draven had approached her with an agenda, her father had committed treason, and everyone in House of Ufran had been beheaded. When a magical amulet gives her a second chance at life, she has to avoid her mistakes and prevent her family’s downfall before it’s too late.

I received this Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

As most of you know, there's nothing I enjoy more than a good romance story. And this book definitely delivered. I loved the plot twist on the romance element and was very relieved that it didn't turn into yet another love triangle. The love story between the Empress and Emperor had all the ingredients necessary to make it a timeless, swoon worthy, classic story of true and enduring love. It begins with both of them thrown together and uninterested in each other and evolves, over the course of the novel, into the fairytale magic type of love that every woman loves to read about. Not to mention, the emperor's character sounds incredibly attractive which certainly helps keep the readers attention and imagination alive, especially during some of the bedroom scenes.

This was my first time reading a time travelling novel; I had always avoided them because movies I had seen with time travel in them bored me to tears. This book absolutely did not do that. It made the time travel easy to understand both in the amount of time travelled and the reason for the travel itself. I actually loved the idea of a 'do-over' in life. And Ursila desperately needed one. It was satisfying to read of her opportunities to go back and do things differently to end up with a happy outcome.

Overall I actually don't have any complaints about this book. My favorite thing about it is that even though it's the second book in a series it is amazing as a stand alone book. There was no end cliff hanger that obligates the reader to go buy the next book in the series in order to know the outcomes of the characters. The author did her readers a favour a tied up all loose ends within the book, giving the reader the option to buy the next book based on their conjecture of this book and it's characters.

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