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Walking Disaster Review

Walking Disaster
By: Jamie McGuire

Spoiler Alert!!!!

Travis Maddox is your typical college bad boy. He loves gambling, underground college fighting and women. He's notorious on campus for being a playboy and gives no thought or concern to his womanizing reputation. Until he meets Abby Abernathy.

This is the sequel to Beautiful Disaster. In Beautiful Disaster Abby told their story from her point of view, in Walking Disaster it's told from Travis'.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first. It's the same story, but because it's being told by Travis you don't get all the mixed feelings and confusion that you got from Abby's point of view. It's told very early on where Travis stands on their relationship and he spends most of the book trying to bring it to fruition.

This book really demonstrates the depth of the love that Travis has for Abby and the lengths that he goes to to show her how he feels. There's nothing I love more than a good love story that has that perfect, movie-type love where everything is passionate, beautiful and intense with the illusion that nothing could ever come between the characters. It's the gooey, cheesy kind of junk that every female on earth wants to believe exists, and that one day she will experience it. This book was perfect for that. It would make any female develop a crush on Travis and envious of Abby.

I talked about the story a bit in my review on Beautiful Disaster, but in this book you get more of a beginning and more of an ending. It was interesting to see how the death of Travis' mom affected him in how he views women and relationships, and it was gratifying to see more of the relationship he has with is dad and brothers. It certainly gave his character more depth than that first book did and showed that there's more to him than insecurities. In the epilogue you also get a glimpse into the future that he and Abby share which, after the shocking end in Beautiful Disaster, really just served to appease my love story yen.

I enjoyed reading this book so much that I actually reread it right after I finished it the first time. I'm so glad that the author added this one on to the first one. It was instrumental in making Travis and Abby's relationship more meaningful and realistic. I rarely enjoy sequels in novels, but this one was necessary.

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