Sunday, July 9, 2017

Strapless Review

By Leigh Riker


Darcie Baxter is a 29 year old woman who is stuck in a rut. She has a job that she enjoys, but she has a competitive co-worker who is constantly stealing her ideas and presenting them as her own. She lives with her eccentric grandmother in New Jersey, although her parents are constantly trying to convince her to move back home to Connecticut to mold her life into what they think it should be. Her love life is definitely a cause for concern but she seems to have no ambition to improve upon it and is content to go on indefinitely meeting the man she has been seeing for years once a week in a hotel room.

I think this book was meant to be some sort of uplifting romance novel that shows how finding love is possible in any situation, at any age and at any time. But for the most part I just found it depressing and frustrating. Darcie's character seemed needy, confused and sad for most of the novel. She spends her work hours trying to impress her boss but not standing up to the coworker who blatantly steals her files and paperwork from her desk and then passes it off as her own. She literally finds Greta going through her things and makes a passive joke about it instead of standing up to her. And the author gives no indication as to why Darcie will stand up to her boss, her parents, the various men in her life but not to this one deceitful coworker that she doesn't even like!

Speaking of the men....I don't know if I'm just a prude but Darcie definitely came off as a tramp in this book, which made her character less likeable. First the author tells how Darcie has been meeting up with a man, Merrick, in hotel rooms for years, but knows virtually nothing about him. She finds out he's married with children when she conveniently runs into him before she goes on her work trip to Australia. The same work trip where she meets a man named Dylan on the first night in the hotel's restaurant and then proceeds to sleep with him, and drink to excess making her very sick the next day. On a work trip!!! She then continually meets up with Dylan for the next two weeks that she's there, much to the annoyance of her boss who wants her to focus on the work that they are there to do. She goes back home to New York with her boss and then spends the majority of the book pining for Dylan, forgiving and spending time with Merrick and meeting her neighbour, Cutter, and proceeding to spend time with him, simultaneously. It made Darcie's character seem ridiculously desperate and pathetic that she couldn't just let go of Merrick after he had lied to her (twice), couldn't keep herself from kissing Cutter, and wouldn't commit to Dylan's idea of married life, but also couldn't move on from all three to be single, or meet someone new.

There was no redeeming characters or storylines in this book to me. All of the characters were weak, their storylines were boring and predictable. I am glad that I had some extra time to dedicate to reading this book so that I could get it over with as quickly as possible and move on to something else. It was a painfully dull read.

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