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Beautiful Disaster Review

Beautiful Disaster
By Jamie McGuire


Abby Abernathy is the main character and the book chronicles her meeting Travis Maddox and the complicated relationship that develops between them. Abby is described as a 'good girl' who is working hard at keeping the demons of her past at bay, while Travis is the proverbial playboy who is sleeping his way through the college's female population. After meeting Travis Abby becomes resolved not to have anything to do with him as she is determined to meet a more straight-laced guy to distance herself further from her mysterious past.

My first impression of this book early on was that I thought it was going to be a classic good girl meets bad boy type of love story. It seemed exactly like the frivolous fluff that I had been looking to read at the time. It turned out to be a little more complicated than that. There is definitely an all-consuming love story involved, but there's also disturbing layers of dependency issues and emotional abuse. Travis's character has an intense personality and is peppered with issues that he doesn't seem to be aware of. He is constantly turning every emotion into amplified anger which he takes out on those closest to him, predominantly his cousin Shep. Abby seems to be a reluctant participant in their friendship in the beginning and then she seems oblivious to all the signs of affection that Travis shows her. He all but hits her over the head as a way of telling her he loves her but she ignores the signs choosing to believe that he's just a very good friend.

Eventually when they do enter a relationship there are more signs of dependency and jealously issues that almost overshadow the beautiful love story that's unfolding.

The end was a bit predictable in that they end up together, but in keeping with the intensity of the characters personalities they don't just live together they get married. Within a year of knowing each other. It just seems insane and rushed. But oddly enough it fit in perfectly with the rest of the story.

While all this Abby/Travis drama is happening the author is slipping in little clues here and there about Abby's elusive past, which turns out to not be as interesting as it initially promises to be. Her mom is an absent alcoholic and her dad is a compulsive gambler who is convinced that Abby 'stole' his luck from him, causing him to lose all his money.

I can't even lie. I enjoyed this book. I have reread it already skipping past the parts about Abby's past and past Travis's issues to the love story between Abby and Travis. With all of their issues their love story is still a passionate one that feels more like a guilty pleasure read for me.

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Stay posted for my review of the second book of this series - Walking Disaster

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