Thursday, June 29, 2017

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I'm a little nervous, having never done this type of thing before. I mean blogging of course, not reading. I read a lot. Literally. A lot. And I'm a speed reader so I finish most of the books I read within a day or two.
Since summer arrived my family and I have been doing a bit of garage saleing and it's been a great way for me to pick up some new (to me) books. I love finding great books at great prices and am always looking to add some new additions to my bookshelves. Recently I found myself reading a book that I felt as though was slightly familiar. I could always seem to guess as to what was coming but couldn't guess far enough in advance to know how it was going to end. Until I read the end and realized that I had definitely read the book before. I felt ridiculous. As though I had wasted time rereading it, as it was by no means a great book. I have read so many books through the years but my memory is terrible, so this was not my first time finding myself reading a book that I have already read. Especially since I dabble both in physical books and my Kobo. I can usually remember a nice eye catching book cover, but on the Kobo I flip past the black and white photo of the cover so fast I don't even register what it looks like. So I decided to review all the books that I read so I would have an easier way of keeping track of them all. And if my reviews help other people choose new books to read or which books to avoid it's just a bonus! I tend to be pretty opinionated (hence the blog name) so everything I write will be honest and explained, as I also tend to be quite wordy. I will try to post a new review twice a week and I hope any readers find this blog a worthwhile read.


Opinionated Bookworm

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