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Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Review

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
By James Patterson

May Contain Spoilers!!!

The book, in most part, is a diary written by Suzanne for her son Nicholas about their lives and how she met and fell in love with his father Matt. The diary is read by Katie who was in a relationship with Matt until he broke things off unexpectedly, leaving her heartbroken and confused. He left the diary for her as a way to explain why he had to end their relationship.

The diary portion of the book is beautifully written and Suzanne holds nothing back as she details her life to her son, Nicholas. Suzanne is a beautifully emotional and descriptive writer and I found myself envisioning places and people that she described, and feeling emotions that she herself had gone through. At one point she suffers a devastating loss and I sobbed right along with her as though my heart were breaking too. You can feel her love for her son and her husband as she writes about their experiences and I found myself envying her as she described how happy she was and how amazing and lucky her life was. If the whole novel had have just been her diary entries to her son I probably would have enjoyed the book as a whole more than I did.

However, the other chapters in the book were written from Katie's point of view as she reads the diary and comes to understand more about Matt and why he broke their relationship off. Almost from the beginning I found myself disliking Katie's character so much that I read faster through all of her subsequent chapters so I could get back to Suzanne's diary. Katie comes across as weak and needy as she mourns the loss of a relationship with a man she had only known for 8 months. She is constantly crying and calling her friends and family for emotional support as she is so devastated by Matt leaving her.

In the end when she finishes reading the diary and learns the fate of Suzanne and Nicholas she jumps on a boat and goes to try to find Matt's house on the island in which he lives. When she fails to locate him she goes home, and he then comes to find her by kneeling on the ground outside of her work. Do you see how silly and rushed that last couple of sentences sounded? Because its almost a mirror of the way the book ended. You have a whole book of beautiful and heartfelt diary entries and then the rug is pulled out from under you and the book is done. Just like that. It was a bizarre and very unsatisfying ending to what could have been a very beautiful and tragic story, but for whatever reason, authors usually seem to feel that tragic stories always need happy endings. Except they don't. I was happy for Matt's character that he was able to move on but for him to have found some great, earth shattering true love only two years after losing his whole family felt far fetched and empty.

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